The Movement Building program area was created in 2014 in an effort to understand and support movements – rather than specific organizations or issues – to make them stronger, more resilient, and more impactful. This area supports organizations that build networks and alliances, recognize the interdependence of their work with that of other organizations, and seek to advance the mission of the broader progressive movement, beyond individual issue areas. While formally a part of the Foundation’s Environment Program, the Movement Building portfolio ties together the Environment and Human Rights Programs, emphasizing organizations that work in the intersections of both movements.

Below are the Foundation’s 2018 grantees through its Movement Building portfolio.

Building Equity for Alignment Initiative (BEA-I)

Just Transition Forum - $20,000

Building Equity and Alignment for Impact (BEA for Impact) is a unique, movement-building initiative led by representatives of the grassroots organizing sector in partnership with national environmental organizations and the philanthropic sector. BEA for Impact seeks to unify these three sectors through the acknowledgement of grassroots organizations leadership; the value of principled collaboration; and the recognition that to build a powerful environmental movement the grassroots organizing sector needs significantly more resources.

The Just Transition Forum, to be held in Jackson, MI in February 2018, is a strategy summit that will bring BEA for Impact’s various partners together to discuss the Just Transition.

Climate Justice Alliance

General Operating Support - $50,000 (first payment in a three-year grant)

The Climate Justice Alliance (CJA) is a unique national alliance of 56 organizations that works at the forefront of the climate crisis. CJA’s mission is to build local resilience, remedy climate change’s root causes, and lead a Just Transition out of the extractive energy economy. Across all its work, CJA helps develop and promote the leadership of people of color, women, and gender non-conforming people of those communities most affected by climate, environmental racism/injustice, and related intersectional issues.

Environmental Grantmakers Association

2018 Environmental Fellows Program - $20,000

The Environmental Grantmakers Association (EGA) works to promote effective environmental philanthropy by sharing knowledge, fostering debate, cultivating leadership, and facilitating collaboration between and within foundations.

One of EGA’s initiatives is the incorporation of diversity, equity, and inclusion within its own work and the broader environmental movement. In partnership with the University of Michigan’s School for Environment and Sustainability, EGA launched the Environmental Fellows Program, which seeks to diversify the environmental and conservation philanthropic sector by supporting the career aspirations of graduate students from traditionally underrepresented groups.

Western New York Environmental Alliance

Youth and Climate Justice Initiative - $40,000

The Western New York Environmental Alliance (WNYEA) is a coalition of over 80 organizations working to scale a nationally relevant, place-based, collaborative environmental movement that addresses climate change, urban regeneration, and equity.

The Youth and Climate Justice Initiative supports a network of climate justice activists by bringing young people together around climate change, connecting them to opportunities for education and leadership development, providing the spaces for them to give voice to their concerns and issues, and creating structures that are inclusive of youth in the climate justice movement.

The Wildfire Project

General Operating Support - $45,000

The Wildfire Project (Wildfire) is a movement building organization that trains, supports, and links grassroots groups in order to the lay the foundation for political, economic, and ecological justice. Through customized, experiential, and long-term training, Wildfire helps groups and individuals shift internal cultures, and provides the tools, experiences, and skills so that organizations can work effectively with their bases and across movements as a whole.

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