Advances in technology, the growth of social media, and increased global awareness and investment are providing new and exciting environmental tools. The Foundation began a small program area that invests in organizations that are creating, developing, and implementing new and innovative approaches to sustainability and conservation.

Below are the Foundation’s 2019 grantees through its Innovation portfolio.


General Operating Support - $50,000

The JustFund portal, developed by the Solidaire Network along with The Overbrook Foundation and a few other foundations, is an online platform where donors can quickly and easily provide financial support to grassroots efforts around the country that work on issues ranging from climate change activism to immigration rights.  The site’s objectives include helping to reshape collective grantmaking, reducing fundraising burdens on organizations, and elevating grassroots groups to the funding community.

 The Plastic Solutions Fund

General Operating Support - $200,000 (first payment in a two-year grant)

The Plastic Solutions Fund (PSF), a fiscally sponsored project of Rockefeller Philanthropy Associates, is an international funders’ collaborative, working to turn the tide on plastic pollution in oceans, rivers, land, and air. Recognizing that 80% of the plastic ending up in the ocean comes from land, the Plastic Solutions Fund supports work that seeks to reduce the production of single use plastic and packaging in Southeast Asia, Europe, and the United States.

The Progressive Multiplier Fund

General Operating Support - $40,000

Progressive organizations are often faced with a stark trade-off when fundraising. Non-profits can invest their resources in the urgent fights of the moment or invest in fundraising to generate more money for future campaigns. The Progressive Multiplier Fund (PMF) aims to address this challenge by both financing innovative fundraising projects and serving as a resource center for best practices. Specifically, the PMF focuses on small donor revenue generation, member recruitment and retention, and earned revenue programs.

 Regional Plan Association

Getting Congestion Pricing over the Finish Line - $20,000

The Regional Plan Association (RPA) is an urban research and advocacy organization that works to improve the prosperity, infrastructure, sustainability and quality of life of the New York metropolitan region. One of RPA's top near-term priorities is to advance congestion pricing in New York City.

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