Advances in technology, the growth of social media, and increased global awareness and investment are providing new and exciting environmental tools. The Foundation began a small program area that invests in organizations that are creating, developing, and implementing new and innovative approaches to sustainability and conservation.

Below are the Foundation’s 2018 grantees through its Innovation portfolio.

Food System 6

General Operating Support - $25,000

Founded in 2014, Food System 6 (FS6) seeks to transform the current industrial food system by improving its environmental, physical and social health. At the center of FS6’s work is an accelerator program for sustainable food enterprises. The four-month program provides tailored support and technical assistance to both non-profit and for-profit early-stage entrepreneurs.


General Operating Support -- $50,000 (first payment in a two-year grant)

In Our Backyards (ioby), based in Brooklyn, New York, mobilizes neighbors to become powerful community leaders. ioby blends crowd-funding and community organizing to direct residents’ support and engagement towards local neighborhood sustainability initiatives. Since its founding in 2008, ioby has helped raise $5 million in citizen philanthropy for 1,660 projects across the country.

Just Fund

General Operating Support - $50,000

The JustFund portal was developed in 2017 by the Solidaire Network and a group of foundations, including The Overbrook Foundation, to create an online platform where donors could quickly provide financial support to grassroots efforts around the country.  The JustFund portal connects foundations and donors with critical organizations, timely projects, and important campaigns that need immediate financial support.

Move NY

Move NY Campaign-  $20,000

Move NY is a one-issue campaign created in 2010 in response to the crisis facing the New York City’s transportation network: severe service cuts, escalating fares and tolls, and a dwindling funding base for the maintenance and improvement of the transit and road network. Since its creation, the Move NY coalition has grown to include over 75 regional business associations, unions, clergy, civic leaders, transportation and environmental advocates, and good-governance organizations.

Move NY seeks to build support for the Move NY Fair Plan, a congestion pricing plan that, among other things, seeks to reduce traffic congestion in the central business district and create a revenue stream for public transportation improvement.

Not an Alternative

The Natural History Museum - $50,000 (First payment in a two-year grant)

The Natural History Museum (NHM), a project of the Brooklyn-based nonprofit art collective Not An Alternative, inspires and influences science and natural history museums  to reevaluate each organization’s importance in the midst of the growing climate crisis. Museums represent a $21 billion industry, with more visitors annually than sporting events and theme parks combined. The Natural History Museum serves as both a campaign for divestment from and disengagement with the fossil fuel industry.  The project engages with the communities it serves, reflects different community voices, and highlights the complex realities of environmental challenges.

Plastic Solutions Fund

General Operating Support - $200,000

The Plastic Solutions Fund (PSF) is an international funders’ collaborative, working to turn the tide on plastic pollution in oceans, rivers, land, and air. Recognizing that 80% of the plastic ending up in the ocean comes from land, the Plastic Solutions Fund supports work that seeks to reduce the production of single use plastic and packaging in Southeast Asia, Europe, and the United States.

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