The Media Program supports all sectors of the media, including traditional print, online, or radio. Current and past grantees have worked to raise national awareness of environmental issues, as well as present environmental news in new and engaging ways.

Below are the Foundation’s 2014 grantees through its environment media portfolio, as well as a limited number of special environmental grants that lie outside of program parameters.

Corporate Accountability International

Real Food Media Project - $25,000

The Real Food Media Project is a collaborative project to inspire, educate, and grow the movement for sustainable food and farming. The group’s first initiative is Food Mythbusters, which provides a set of tools—animated videos, live action short documentaries, online resources, and more—to help spread the real story about what we eat. Led by author Anna Lappé, Food MythBusters is a collaboration among a wide range of organizations working to directly challenge Big Ag’s marketing might with grassroots truth-telling about the true costs of industrial agriculture and the real potential of sustainable food and farming. The Project is also creating companion workshops, public events, webinars, and launching www.Foodmyths.org, an online action and resource center. In 2014, it will select and promote the winner of its film contest on innovative sustainable agriculture.


General Operating Support - $55,000 (second payment of a two-year grant)

Grist is an environmental media platform that uses journalism and technology to inform the public, inspire change, and shape the national conversation on issues including climate change, consumption, and sustainability. Founded in 1999, Grist blazed a trail as one of the first digital media organizations. In the years since, Grist has earned a reputation as a smart source of environmental news and analysis for its monthly audience of more than 2 million. The mission of Grist is to set the agenda by showing how “green” is reshaping the world. Given the urgent nature of the climate crisis, Grist is committed to creating and implementing communications strategies that will inform and mobilize its monthly audience, while spreading the message of sustainability to millions more.

Island Press

General Operating Support - $20,000

Island Press seeks, develops, and disseminates new ideas and tools for environmental problem solving. Its mission is to provide the best ideas and information in the field to those seeking to understand and protect the environment and create solutions to its complex problems. Island Press identifies critical information needs, consults with leading experts, vets new ideas through peer review, and develops books and other tools and resources as the basis for public education aimed at helping ideas take hold and forming sound policies and practices. Its focus areas include oceans and water; energy and climate change; the built environment; ecosystems; and policy, economics, and law.

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