The Foundation’s Human Rights Program supports organizations within the U.S. that are advancing the U.S. domestic human rights movement where Overbrook has played a leadership role since 2005. It also continues its grantmaking to strengthen gender rights in the U.S. where it has a long history of support for women’s rights and LGBT rights efforts. Building the reproductive justice movement and advancing marriage equality for same-sex couples are currently the focuses of the gender rights program.  Media reform and support of non-profit media continue to receive support for non-profit electronic and print media and efforts to reform the media landscape.  In 2013, the Foundation established an initiative to support  organizations working to reform the role of money in the domestic political landscape.

In the Latin America grantmaking program, the Foundation supports organizations defending human rights defenders and promoting gender rights.  Specifically, gender rights organizations working to promote women’s rights and reproductive rights, as well as LGBT rights receive funding from Overbrook.

The Foundation’s Human Rights grantmaking can be divided into the following Initiatives: