Check out this link to learn more about 'Eco-Districs' - a concept that's both really old and really new, somewhat borrowed (but not blue, as far as I know).

Courtesy of UCLA-Berkeley

From Llewellyn Wells, who's working to start an Eco-District pilot project in New York City: "An Eco District is a neighborhood or district with a broad commitment to accelerate neighborhood-scale sustainability. Eco Districts commit to achieving ambitious sustainability performance goals, guiding district investments and community action, and tracking the results over time. An Eco District is a neighborhood committed to sustainability with the components of empowered people, green buildings and smart infrastructure."

So what does that actually mean? Imagine a neighborhood which increases renewable energy use (relying on large players like nearby hospitals or industry) and energy efficiency, grows its green spaces, and decides as a community what it's most important sustainability goals are (more farmers markets? less noise? flooding protection? etc).

Portland, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. are doing it - which means NYC can do it better and bigger! Want your neighborhood to be the next Eco-District? Let Llew know!