Happy Valentine's!

Dear Readers,

We hope you are staying warm and out of the various polar vortexes, perhaps snuggling with a significant other, planning a fun night with friends, or simply enjoying TGIF.

Whatever you do on this Friday, we hope you consider signing Earthworks' "No Dirty Gold" pledge. This pledge calls on retailers and manufacturers of gold jewelry and electronics to ensure that their goods were not produced at the expense of local communities and environments. Because there's nothing less romantic than giving a gift that's hurt someone else. 

In happier news - this week, the Obama Administration announced that ALL commercial imports of African elephant ivory into the United States will be prohibited - without exception.  Nearly all commercial exports of elephant ivory and rhino horn will also be prohibited. The Fish and Wildlife Service will be the coordinating agency, and Overbrook-grantee the Environmental Investigation Agency will continue its critical role as watchdog and conservation advocate. Now that's worth celebrating.