Mongabay selects Winner for its Special Reporting Initiative

After unveiling its inaugural "Special Reporting Initiative" competition this past August, Mongabay and its expert team of panelists officially selected a winner this past month. Wendee Nicole, a journalist who has written for a wide range of publications, will examine how Elinor Ostrom Nobel Prize-winning work on polycentric governance and decentralization applies to efforts to conserve biodiversity.

The fellow will receive to $20,000 to fund the top proposal: $15,000 as a stipend and up to $5,000 for reporting and travel costs. They will have three months for travel and research and three months for writing, and are guaranteed publication in Mongabay as well as any other publication interested in running the story. intends the Special Reporting Initiative to be an ongoing focus of the organization, designed to raise the attention to and focus on innovations in biodiversity conservation. It asks applicants to consider and suggest the next "big idea" in tropical biodiversity conservation, what new models conservationists are employing and what social and economic effects they have, as well as their direct impact on biodiversity. In addition, it seeks to raise awareness about effective models emerging out of sectors outside traditional tropical biodiversity conservation, like healthcare, microfinance, poverty alleviation, and energy production.

You can read more about Wendee Nicole, her project, and the Initiative here