Same-Sex Couples Begin to Wed in New Jersey!

This past week, there has been some terrific news out of New Jersey! Last week, the New Jersey Supreme Court refused to postpone a lower court’s decision to allow a marriage equality law to go into effect. Subsequently, New Jersey Governor Chirs Christie dropped the state's case against marriage equality. As a result, today, the first same-sex couples in New Jersey have had the opportunity to get married! New Jersey has become the fourteenth state in the US to legalize civil marriage for same-sex couples. As more and more members of the American public are recognizing the importance of marriage equality for all couples, we recognize the tireless work of families and advocates over the past decade to affect this policy and culture change. With important progress in recent years, over 30% of people in the US now live in a state where there is marriage equality or recognition for out of state marriages between same-sex couples. Most importantly, we congratulate all the New Jerseyans who are now able to marry the people they love. For more information, please see Overbrook grantee Lambda Legal’s coverage here.