Bivalves near the Triborough!

Another milestone has been reached in the rehabilitation of the Bronx River - the return of humble mollusc. As reported in the New York Times, a one-acre oyster reef has been created in the river just off the shore of Soundview Park in the South Bronx — one of the largest oyster restoration projects in the city.

This past week, students from the New York Harbor School (located on Governor's Island) relocated about 100,000 farm-raised baby oysters to the reef, which was made this summer by piling 100 tons of empty shells on the river’s muddy bottom.

While the reef won't be fielding requests from Per Se any time soon, the re-establishment of oysters in areas where they were once plentiful is an important step in re-connecting with our waterways and local ecology, and in re-cognizing the potential of natural systems to do what all the Fabreeze in the world cannot: clean up the New York Harbor.