Urban Green making Urban New York even Greener!

Last week, the Bloomberg Administration released its highly anticipated "Building Resiliency Report," which addressed a comprehensive set of zoning and structural changes that New York City should undertake to be better prepared for the next Hurricane Sandy. At the request of the Administration, the Task Force tasked with writing the Report was led by Overbrook grantee Urban Green.

The Report offers a series of innovative but manageable changes to zoning and building laws in the upcoming decade. The 250 recommended measures - from requiring emergency lights in stairwells to installing flood barriers to wind-resistant windows - would initially affect only new construction, but could be applied to existing structures, depending on how many of the measures are approved by the New York City Council.

And, while the estimated price tag of $20 billion seems high at first, the cost-factor changes when one considers that Hurricane Sandy cost the City almost $19 billion - and that a future storm could cost even more.

For an overview of the recommended changes, please see Urban Green's executive summary. We are exceedingly proud to be able to support Urban Green in its work and role as key stakeholder in redefining the landscape of New York City, so that generations can enjoy the Big Green Apple - and not just on a canoe.