Weekly Environmental News Round-Up

Greetings, Readers!

Today is Wednesday, April 29 - International Dance Day. And what better way to celebrate than by signing up for the Product Stewardship Institute's Spring Webinar series! Tackling issues ranging from lessons learned to maximizing eco-design, PSI's series are great opportunities for those in related industries to connect and share ideas on the future of extended producer responsibility (EPR).

Speaking of EPR, the Rhode Island House Committee on Environment and Natural Resources held a hearing earlier this month on H5264, “An Act to Reduce Marine Debris and Conserve Landfill Space while Increasing the Recycling of Post-Consumer Packaging."  The bill would put the responsibility for collecting and recycling packaging and printed paper (PPP) onto the companies that sell products into the marketplace, and would be the first of its kind in the nation. You can read more about the bill - and the intriguing absence of industry opponents - at Product Policy Institute's website here.

In other 'reducing stuff' news - The Story of Stuff is getting ready to kick off its first community-chosen campaigns, including one on reducing plastics pollution. Watch the movie that got it all started - and learn how you can participate in the campaigns!

And, if you're one of our more tech-savvy readers, why don't you consider entering NYC's "BigApps" competition?  It’s the fourth annual contest hosted by the New York City Economic Development Corporation for software developers and members of the public to create web or mobile applications using official City data. Matt de la Houssaye of Global Green's Coalition for Resource Recovery was named an advisor for the BigApps Competition in in the “Cleanweb” category.

Until next week!