Human Rights Grants Awarded at December Board Meeting!

At the December Board Meeting, The Overbrook’s Foundation Board of Directors approved 19 grants totaling $687,500 through its Human Rights Program. Of these grants, three were to new organizations, while the rest were renewals of grants awarded in 2011. All supported groups advance one or more of the Foundation’s program areas: Domestic Human Rights, Marriage Equality, Reproductive Justice, Media, Human Rights Defenders, and International Gender Rights.

Through its domestic human rights initiative, the Foundation awarded grants to National Economic and Social Rights Initiative (NESRI) and the Leadership Conference Education Fund. NESRI received a grant of $50,000 for its leadership in the Human Rights at Home Campaign, and Leadership Conference Education Fund will continue its excellent work in its Human Rights Education Program with this $45,000 grant from the Foundation.

Supporting their efforts to expand reproductive justice, the Foundation awarded a grant of $20,000 to the Brown Boi Project for its convening for Black Reproductive Justice Leaders. It also granted $50,000 to the Groundswell Fund for the Catalyst Fund, $40,000 to the Third Wave Foundation for its Reproductive Health and Justice Initiative, and $30,000 to Western States Center for its Gender Justice Initiative. Grants for general operating support were awarded to National Advocates for Pregnant Women and National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum for $35,000 and $30,000 respectively. As one of the new projects supported by the Foundation, CoreAlign received $40,000 for its programs to win resources, rights, and respect for all people’s sexual and reproductive decision-making. In all, the Foundation awarded $245,000 to promote Reproductive Justice.

GLAD will continue its push for the elimination of federal discrimination in marriage supported by a Foundation grant of $25,000. This grant is awarded as a part of the Foundation’s strategy to support marriage equality.

In response to the billions of dollars spent to influence the American political system and elections since the 2010 Citizens United decision, The Brennan Center for Justice has been awarded $50,000 in support to its Money in Politics Program to reform this system.

Breakthrough received a grant of $40,000 for its US program and The New Press was awarded $35,000 for general operating support. Both of these grants are funded through the Foundation’s portfolio to promote non-profit media strategies to grow public conversation of human rights issues and to champion media reform.

Supporting organizations that defend Human Rights Defenders in Latin America has also been a Foundation priority over the past several years. As a part of this commitment, American Jewish World Service received a grant of $35,000 for promoting Human Rights for Marginalized Communities in Guatemala, Mexico and El Salvador. A grant of $50,000 was awarded to Front Line Defenders to protect Latin American Human Rights Defenders. For its work defending press freedom in Latin America, Reporters Without Borders received $30,000. Also, in December, the Board approved a three-year grant to Amazon Conservation Team for $35,000 to be paid jointly by the Foundation’s Environment Program and Human Rights Program.

Finally, in its Latin American gender rights portfolio, the Foundation awarded a grant of $45,000 to Disability Rights International for its women’s rights initiative advocating for the rights of women with disabilities in Mexico and Guatemala. And, $20,000 will be granted to Ipas for its advocacy on abortion policy in Latin America.

Congratulations to all our new and returning grantees! The Foundation’s Board of Directors and its staff are so pleased to award these grants in recognition of the fantastic projects to promote equality and human rights taken on by all of these groups.