Human Rights Grants Awarded

At the Foundation's September Board Meeting, The Overbrook Foundation's Board of Directors approved three grants under the Human Rights program. The total amount awarded in September will be $125,000. All three organizations are new to the Foundation.

First, the Board approved a $50,000 grant to the Museum of Jewish Heritage for its upcoming exhibit Brothers’ Keepers. Stay tuned for this exhibit on the role of prominent Jewish American families in helping European Jews to immigrate to the US from Europe under the Nazi regime. In fact, Overbrook’s founders Frank and Helen Altschul and their relatives figure among those who used their influence to save Jews from the Holocaust. It should be a great exhibit opening in Spring 2013.

A grant of $25,000 will be awarded to the Human Rights Project for Girls for general operating support. At the intersection of the Foundation’s human rights and reproductive justice portfolios, this new organization strives to advance and defend the human rights of girls in the US. Using this frame, it will advocate for the end of the practice of shackling, examine the pathway for many from being sexually abused to entering the juvenile justice system and it will advocate for anti-trafficking measures.

United Republic Education Fund will receive $50,000 for general support as a part of the Foundation’s new interest in supporting organizations striving to reform the role of money in politics. The Foundation believes that our grantees' advocacy can only be fairly heard if the role of big money, big lobbyists, and big donors in the American political system is curtailed. This new organization is building a grassroots, non-partisan movement to fight for a political system that works for Americans and their concerns rather than wealthy interests.

Congratulations to these new grantees! Each project is very different but they do all share the Foundation’s commitment to advancing and recognizing fair democracy and human rights. We look forward to seeing their important work over the next year.