Women, War & Peace Continues to Win Awards and Keeps Public Aware of International Human Rights Concerns

Women War & Peace, the 2011 PBS series on women affected by conflict and actively leading peace movements around the world, continues to garner the attention of critics and viewers.The series has won numerous awards for its quality and content.Based on information sent to Overbrook by Thirteen, New York’s PBS station, and the series’ co-creators, here is a rundown of some of the awards that the series has already received or will receive in the next few months:

·Television Academy Honor - celebrating “excellent programming that not only entertains, but also presents a unique or significant look at the human condition.

·Two Gracie Awards (sponsored by the Alliance for Women in Media) - for Outstanding Series and for the production of Pray the Devil Back to Hell

Thanks to our contacts at Thirteen for sending us this information and to all these broadcasting organizations for recognizing the importance of this series! There is not enough high quality programming on international human rights issues reaching a broad American audience and we are proud to support this project that increases American awareness on the subject through compelling video. The Overbrook Foundation has funded the educational materials associated with this series so that these themes of conflict, leadership, movement building, peace, justice and human rights will reach classrooms as well. If you haven't already, you can view the series and its supporting materials by clicking here.