Environment Grants Awarded at The Overbrook Foundation's March Board Meeting

At its March 2012 Board of Directors meeting last week, The Overbrook Foundation's Environment Program awarded $290,000 in grants to nine organizations in the categories of Latin American Biodiversity Conservation, and Sustainable Production and Consumption.

For its work supporting Latin American Biodiversity Conservation, the Foundation awarded $50,000 in grants. Grants awarded included: a $30,000 to the National Audubon Society to continue its work to train and help landowners in Veracruz increase the economic value of their forests protect the remaining forests; and a $20,000 grant to ALTROPICO for their continuing Chiles-Mataje Corridor project.

For its Sustainable Production and Consumption work, the Foundation awarded $240,000 in grants. Grants awarded included: $10,000 to Corporate Ethics International to continue the Business Network Project and capacity building work; $10,000 to Dogwood Alliance to further convince large fast-food chains to reduce paper use; $50,000 to Environmental Defense Fund to continue major programs on energy, oceans, health, climate, and corporate partnerships; $20,000 to Environmental Paper Network to further transform the paper industry; $50,000 to Health Care Without Harm to continue as a model sector fro sustainability; $75,000 to Natural Resources Defense Council to advance innovative, sustainable product stewardship policies; and $25,000 to Product Policy Institute to further drive green product design and better management of all waste.

The organizations listed above demonstrate the Foundation’s continued commitment to conservation and innovation. Please click on the links above to learn more about these organizations.