Overbrook Foundation Sees the Future of Composting Firsthand

Food waste is a hot topic for environmentalists looking for ways to feasibly handle consumption. This morning, staff of The Overbrook Foundation has the pleasure of visiting a local restaurant working to combat food waste by composting.

At first glance, Brasserie Les Halles, located in Midtown Manhattan, doesn't look like an establishment concerned about giving back to the environment. Yet, tucked in the basement lies a bioreactor that converts the restaurant's food waste into organic natural compost.


Created by GLOBAL ENVIRO, a Norwegian company concerned with environmental sustainability, the bioreactor has a capacity of 110 tons per year meaning less waste for Les Halles. Here's how it works: First, food is dumped into a grinder located in the kitchen. After being ground down, the waste is automatically vacuumed into the main unit where water and grease will be separated. The dried out food waste then incubates for 18 hours and is transformed into clean, organic compost. Most impressive is that the entire process is clean and smell-free!


The Overbrook staff was sincerely impressed with the process and is eager to see more establishments, such as hotels and restaurants, implement this technology. It is truly exciting to see a positive future for food waste and sustainability.