Dogwood Alliance Releases Comprehensive Fast Food Packaging Report

Overbrook Foundation grantees the Dogwood Alliance and Global Green's Coalition for Resource Recovery (CoRR) were lauded in yesterday for their work to reduce paper consumption and increase recycling in the fast food industry.

With Dogwood's release of its "Greening Fast Food Packaging" report yesterday, Starbucks and McDonald's emerged as leaders in the industry. While some chains continue to lag, these fast food giants are leading through example -- reducing paper packaging, encouraging customers to recycle, and testing new types of packaging that are easier to recycle than traditional packaging. This is great, groundbreaking work from two trend-setting restaurant chains, but they certainly would not have gotten so far, so fast, without the urging and partnership of green groups like Dogwood and CoRR. Click here for a synopsis of the Dogwood report.

Dogwood has been pushing for these changes through citizen activist campaigns such as its Kentucky Fried Forests initiative. CoRR has been approaching the problem from the other side, most notably through collaborations with designers, scientists and the restaurant chains to test, rework and retest new and less wasteful types of packaging. Click here for a run-down of CoRR's paper packaging program.