Rainforest Alliance and Hershey Focus On Responsible Cocoa Community Programs

The Rainforest Alliance is teaming up with the Hershey Company to expand and accelerate programmes to improve conditions in cocoa communities in West Africa. According to Hershey, U.S. consumers will be able to purchase Hershey’s Bliss products with 100 percent cocoa from Rainforest Alliance-certified farms later this year.

Rainforest Alliance Certified farms have met comprehensive sustainability standards that protect the environment and ensure the safety and well-being of workers and their families, as well as communities. While working with farmers to improve agricultural practices, Hershey and the Rainforest Alliance will also prepare them for the future by using training programs to reduce child labor and increase school attendance.

“We support Hershey's comprehensive approach to sustainability, through educating cocoa farmers on best practices and improving conditions for cocoa farming communities in West Africa,” said Tensie Whelan, President of Rainforest Alliance. “We are thrilled to be working with Hershey to bring their sustainability commitments to life, from cocoa farms in West Africa to store shelves across North America.”