NRDC's Extreme Weather and Health-related Costs Maps

The Natural Resources Defense Council, an Overbrook grantee, has released an interactive "Extreme Weather Map" of the United States detailing thousands of events including floods, record-breaking temperatures, unprecedented snowfalls and more since the start of 2011. The map can be frozen at a specific time in the year, or it can play through the ebb and flow of extreme weather from January through October 2011. As the saying goes, a picture's worth a thousand words, so with luck this fast-forward meteorological view of the United States will impress upon Americans that climate change has come home, and mitigation and adaptation are not to be postponed.

Take a look and press PLAY to see the year's activity in motion: NRDC's Extreme Weather Map

NRDC also released a map tracking the health issues related to extreme weather events, resulting in some extreme costs for the United States. Click here to view the health map.