Environment Grants Awarded at June 2011 Board Meeting

At its June 2011 Board of Directors meeting this week, The Overbrook Foundation's Environment Program awarded $675,000 in grants to 15 organizations in the categories of Latin American Biodiversity Conservation, Sustainable Production and Consumption, and Media.

For its work supporting Latin American Biodiversity Conservation, the Foundation awarded $370,000 in grants. Grants awarded included: a $40,000 EARTHWORKS for its International Program and No Dirty Gold Markets Campaign, a $55,000 grant to the Environmental Investigation Agency for Leveraging the U.S. Lacey Act and Promoting Forest Conservation in Latin America, a $75,000 grant to Fundacion Cordillera Tropical for its training work, a $45,000 grant to Rainforest Action Network for its RAN Tropical Forests Program, a $75,000 grant to the Rainforest Alliance for its work achieving conservation and community development through healthy sustainable tourism destinations, and a $80,000 grant to Root Capital for its program fostering innovation and biodiversity conservation in Ecuador, Mexico and Nicaragua.

For its Sustainable Production and Consumption work, the Foundation awarded $250,000 in grants. Grants awarded included: a $70,000 grant to Clean Production Action for its work securing market adoption of the green screen by strengthening its organizational structure, a $60,000 grant to Green For All, a $25,000 grant to the Green Press Initiative, a $250,000 grant to The Keystone Center for the Green Products Roundtable, a $40,000 grant to the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy for its work recycling and creating good jobs in the regional waste industry, a $20,000 grant to the Product Stewardship Institute for driving product stewardship for phone books and packaging, and a $15,000 to the Tides Center for the Funders Workgroup for Sustainable Production and Consumption.

In the category of "Media," the Foundation awarded $25,000 grant to National Public Radio for its coverage of environmental and human rights issues, and a $55,000 grant to Grist.org.

The organizations listed above demonstrate the Foundation’s continued commitment to conservation and innovation. Please click on the links above to learn more about these organizations.