Environment Program Grants Awarded at March 2011 Board Meeting

At its March 2011 Board of Directors meeting last week, The Overbrook Foundation's Environment Program awarded $375,000 in grants to 10 organizations in the categories of Latin American Biodiversity Conservation, Sustainable Production and Consumption, and "Other."

For its work supporting Latin American Biodiversity Conservation, the Foundation awarded $130,000 in grants. Organizations awarded were: Amazon Conservation Team, for its work protecting indigenous-led REDD in the Brazilian Amazon; National Audubon Society, for its work creating landowner incentives to preserve and restore forests in Veracruz, Mexico; and Solidaridad, for its Islands of Hope payments for ecological services project.

For its Sustainable Production and Consumption work, the Foundation awarded $215,000. Organizations awarded were: Corporate Ethics International, for continued support of its Business Ethics Network; Dogwood Alliance, for continued support of its Fast Food Campaign; Environmental Defense Fund, for its Corporate Partnerships Program and Climate Corps; Environmental Paper Network, for general operating support of its work accelerating the transformation to responsible production and consumption of paper products; Natural Resources Defense Council, for continued support of its New York Recycling and Sustainability Project; and the Product Policy Institute, for its Community Producer Responsibility Campaign.

In the category of "Other," the Foundation awarded $30,000 to the Sustainable Transportation Campaign, a short-term initiative working to build region-wide public and political support for a traffic pricing plan for the New York metropolitan area.

Once again, the diversity of its grantees reflects the Environment Program's commitment to conservation and innovation. Click on the links above to learn more about these wonderful organizations!