L.A.A.N.E. in the News

Overbrook grantee L.A.A.N.E. (Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy) is in the news, due to their groundbreaking report released this month detailing the waste, pollution and lost opportunity resulting from L.A.'s trash pickup system. According to the report, L.A. is largely serviced by private haulers that work independently, with low oversight and pick-up routes that often overlap, waste fuel, and contribute to pollution. Benefits from the smaller green fleet of vehicles municipal haulers use are over-ridden by the gas-guzzling and ghg-spewing trucks favored by private haulers. What's worse is the private haulers are not held to their word that recyclables and compostables end up at their proper destinations, and too many of these items go straight to landfills where they will remain for hundreds of years, if not more. And, according to the L.A.A.N.E. report, every time recyclables go to landfill the city of Los Angeles misses a great opportunity for green job creation. With a little oversight, coordination and public awareness, every one landfill job could be transformed into 10 jobs sorting and recycling.

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