Electronics Recycling Gets Easier

Considering the three billion electronics products filling American households, as well as the 400 million individual units that are disposed of and replaced each year, consumers are starting to expect safe and easy recycling options. Indeed, e-waste laws are gaining momentum as states sign on; New Jersey began mandating e-waste recycling last Saturday, and New York will follow suit in April of this year. Click here for a list of the 20-plus states that mandate electronics recycling and details of the states' laws.

An article in this week's New York Times lists a number of options for responsible recycling, "responsible" meaning the toxic metals and chemicals embedded in the guts of our computers, ipods, cell phones, printers and more are not incinerated or dumped. The article references Demos and the Electronics Takeback Coalition, both Overbrook Foundation grantees. Click here for a pdf of Elizabeth Grossman's report for Demos, "Tackling High-Tech Trash: The e-waste Explosion and What We Can Do."

Check out this short article (click here) for a sobering account of what happens to electronics that are not disposed of responsibly.