December 2010 Environment Program Grants

At its last Board of Directors meeting of 2010, The Overbrook Foundation's Environment Program awarded $730,000 in grants yesterday to 12 organizations in the categories of Latin American Biodiversity Conservation, Sustainable Production and Consumption, Media, and "Other." Eleven are either renewals or from organizations previously funded, and one is a first-time request.

For its work supporting Latin American Biodiversity Conservation, the Foundation awarded $135,000 in grants. Organizations awarded were: AlTROPICO, for its work consolidating the Cotacachi Cayapas Ecologica Reserve and Chachi territories in Ecuador; Amazon Watch, for its work protecting the Ecuadorean rainforest from oil exploitation; IMAFLORA, for its work promoting sustainable cocoa harvesting in Brazil; and the ISEAL Alliance, for its work clarifying and lending credibility to sustainability standards.

For its Sustainable Production and Consumption work, the Foundation awarded $500,000. Organizations awarded were: As You Sow, for its corporate watchdog work promoting shareholder action for sustainable production and consumption; Catalog Choice, for expansion of its work to reduce paper waste and combat climate change; Clean Air-Cool Planet, for the expansion of its Community Catalyst Fund; GreenBlue, for general support of its projects in packaging, sustainable product design, greener chemicals and more;, for the redevelopment of its web platform, crucial to its operations; and the Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City, for the continuation of GreeNYC's project to identify and implement the most effective greenhouse gas-saving behaviors for NYC residents.

For its work supporting Public TV, Radio and Other Media, the Foundation awarded $35,000 to Island Press for continued general support of its environmental science and conservation publications and for its outreach efforts.

The Environment Program also supported the Gulf Coast Fund for Community Renewal and Ecological Health for its work helping grassroots, local communities in the Gulf Coast region respond to the ongoing effects of the BP oil spill disaster.

Once again, the diversity of its grantees reflects the Environment Program's commitment to conservation and innovation. Click on the links above to learn more about these wonderful organizations!