Reactions to President Obama's Speech

Updates on Environment Program June 2010 grants are to come!

But for the day after President Obama's speech on the oil spill in the Gulf, I thought it best to post a short listing of reactions in the media. In the address, the President linked the spill to the two wars we are fighting overseas, referred to a nation-wide "addiction to fossil fuels," and called for more investment in renewable energy. Some critics thought he was too reserved, others felt he used the spill as an excuse to promote his new energy policy. The only consistency among the reactions was that no one seemed completely pleased.

David Roberts of Grist, an Overbrook grantee, agreed with many environmentalists that Obama was not specific enough in his plans for clean-up and future energy solutions. But one triumph that many overlooked, Roberts said, was Obama's omission of nuclear, domestic drilling and "clean" coal as part of the energy-mix coneversation. In past speeches, the President has included these as part of our energy future. This time, he emphasized renewables and energy efficiency, perhaps hinting toward a sharper shift in the way we define "clean" and "independent" energy. Read Roberts' post here, along with responses from Grist readers.

The Huffington Post was less positive. Look here for their take, along with links to other opinions, media outlets, and a full transcript and video of the speech.

Look here for an LA Times conglomeration of Senators' Twitter comments during the speech.

Click here to access the New Orleans Times-Picayune, with updates on the spill from their own backyards.