2010 NTC Conference

I'm headed to Atlanta first thing tomorrow morning for 2010 Nonprofit Technology Conference which is taking place April 8th-10th, at the Omni Hotel at CNN Center. I'm really looking forward to it.
Click here to check out the very full agenda for the conference. There are also more breakout sessions that I know what to do with! You can also check out the list of whose coming (over 1400 people!). And, I downloaded my iPhone app which was put together for the conference so hopefully I'll be able to sort out where I'm supposed to be and when.
If you want to follow the conference on twitter, check out http://twitter.com/10ntc or search for the hashtag #10ntc. Since the conference is "all about connecting and learning so that you can transform technology into social change in your work and communities", I'm hoping to connect with as many people as possible and make the most of the experience. This is my first year attending the conference.
If you can't make it to Atlanta, don't fear! Check out what they are doing so you can participate remotely. Several cities are having remote gatherings and some sessions will be streamed live, and some will be presented as webinars. When I get back next week I'll do a mega blog post on my takeaways and thoughts from the two days. See everyone in Atlanta!
Oh, and if you just can't wait to see what goes on this week/weekend, click here to visit materials related to last year's conference out in San Francisco.