Success for Voter Action and Washington State

I love getting to blog about successes! Here’s another one for you from a former grantee of the Foundation, Voter Action. With the close of the 2010 Legislative Session, Washington State had an effort to pass a dangerous online voting bill. However, the bill (HB 2483) was defeated! According to Voter Action, HB 2483 would have permitted military and overseas voters to fax and email voted ballots, without paper back up, putting our military and overseas voters ballots at risk as well as seriously undermining the security of our elections. Top experts in cybersecurity have agreed that online voting is fundamentally insecure and an actual risk to national security. Of course even though this bill was defeated, the idea of online voting remains very popular and the risks and ramifications are still widely misunderstood. As Voter Action points out, even the New York Times editorial said, internet voting is "still in beta." We agree that beta, or any testing phase, is not good enough for our elections!
Interested to know if internet, email or fax voting has been introduced in your state? Visit here to download resources on how to build a similar effort and replicate this success.