Story of Stuff Book Hot off the Press!

Overbrook grantee Annie Leonard's Story of Stuff video hit the mainstream long ago, and it's about to reach an even broader audience as a book! For those of us who longed for more after the end of the 20 minute movie, Story of Stuff the book is the answer. Click here to learn how to find it, buy it, and to listen to it online as Annie reads an excerpt.

While visiting New York on a book tour, Annie graced Christiane Amanpour's studio at CNN, spoke to a rapt audience at the 92nd Street Y, and even braved an interview on the Colbert Report. She did great! Check out Annie's interviews by clicking the links above, or check out the book (printed on recycled paper with soy-based ink.)

The Story of Stuff film was followed by The Story of Cap and Trade, and will soon be joined by The Story of Bottled Water and The Story of Electronics. As original project funders, it is certainly exciting to see where Annie and her team have taken it.