DC to Legalize Gay Marriage?

Well it looks like my hometown of DC may take a step forward tomorrow when it comes to gay marriage! According to the office of Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC), today makrs the end of the 30-day period that Congress would have to act in order to prevent the same-sex marriage bill from becoming legal. Twice last year the Washington, DC city council voted to recognize same-sex marriage in DC. According to the charter however, Congress has 30 legislative days to prevent this from happening by passing a resolution. Such a resolution (H.J. Res 72) was introduced by Rep. Jason Caffetz (R-UT), but the measure has stalled in the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Since today is the 30th day in the countdown, we'll keep an eye out to see what happens today and tomorrow. Let's hope that there will not be Congressional Action and that gay marriage will become legal in our nation's capitals! If it is legal, the first marraige licenses can be issued to same-sex couples tomorrow and the first same-sex marriages could take place as soon as March 9th.