True Spin Conference: Day Two

Well it’s the end of the second and last day here at the conference. The keynote speech by Rashal Robinson of GLAAD was really great and so were a second day of workshops. I attended Jed Alpert’s section on Mobile Advocacy/Engagement, in which the issues of how cell phones can be a part of advocacy work were discussed. According to Alpert, as well as many of the active participants in the room, we’ve already reached the era of campaigns putting mobile phones to use, as a method of informing, engaging, and mobilizing people. In turn we discussed how this strategy often attracts more media attention, and how to continue using this strategy in future campaigns and goals.

Today I also did something rather shocking for anyone who knows me. I did not attend the session titled “Real-Life Success with Twitter.” Of course, I love Twitter and I am obviously a huge advocate of the tool, but instead I ventured to a session titled “How to Pitch to the Disappearing Mainstream Media.” Although working for a Foundation I’m not involved in pitching stories to the media, I am interested in how non-profit organizations are able to get their messages heard. Particularly as we see the homogenization of the mainstream media, and organizations look towards alternative and ethnic media to be heard. The session was very interesting and involved a discussion about building relationships with mainstream newspapers, emphasis on local TV news, better research and other tactics to reach mainstream reporters.

The last workshop of the day I attended was almost a nice combination of both of the morning sessions, and involved a conversation about tradition and new media. The panel allowed for the opportunity to hear strategies on how to balance a multi-platform approach to messaging in the new media environment, recognizing that traditional methods of communication still is a constant in the changing landscape of communications. The participants were encouraged to use these traditional kinds of communication and evaluate each strategies strengths and weaknesses.

Thanks to all who made the past two days such a great success!