True Spin Conference: Day One

Today has been a great first day at the 2010 True Spin Conference so far. I attended some really great informative panels including one hosted by Dean Hollander, the leader of Fenton Communication’s Interactive and New Media Communications Division. This session reviewed ways in which different people and organizations are talking about a wide range of progressive issues online. He also presented an overview of how to use these kinds of tools and insights to develop more effective and engaging content. It was great to hear from Hollander because I think he helped put some of the new media strategies into perspective, without overwhelming organizations that may be slower to adopt these new kinds of technologies.

Following this first session, I stopped briefly into two different sessions; the first a session on the power of advocacy networks and a second session on how to measure social media which had a very interesting discussion on how to make sure your organization isn’t wasting staff time and resources and how to improve your social media “Return on Investments” (ROI).

We’re just finishing up lunch and both Reverend Billy, and Andy Goodman, of the Goodman Institute (and author of some great books such as Why Bad Ads Happen to Good Causes) were dynamic speakers who are able to engage the audience in very different ways.

Shortly I’ll be heading to this afternoon workshops, and plan to attend Heather Mansfield and Rashad Robinson’s session, titled “Real-Life Success with Facebook.” The session will investigate how groups are accomplishing their goals and objectives using Facebook, as well as hopefully give us the opportunity to hear stories of how progressive organizations use the tool to score media coverage with more traditional media outlets. I think it’ll be interesting to learn about how younger generations in particular are engaging these tools, and seeing as how the younger generation is more progressive, understanding how to take advantage of these kinds of tools.