Women's Health Care: Not Under the Bus

If you’ve been following the great work of The Women’s Media Center lately, you may already know about their campaign for women’s health care called Not Under The Bus. Launched by WMC last year, NotUnderTheBus.com aims to amplify the voices of women and organizations that are devoted to a health care reform that is fair to women, by using the full power of old and new media. It calls on all women and men who support women’s equality to take the initiative and start “driving the bus” right down to the White House to get their voices heard. Its goal is to pass health reform that makes women’s health care fair, safe and covered for all.

This new campaign and website aim to serve as a platform for a unified media message that supports and defends women’s rights in the national health care reform debate. To watch a brief video about the campaign, click here.

The site provides some great news and commentary. Yesterday was the “Not Under the Bus Action Day”. To see a sampling of what the media, the blogs and other organizations say about their work, click here. The site also provides great information on where you can go to sign petitions on this issue, petitions organized by groups like NARAL, Feminist Majority, and the ACLU.

If you want to join Not Under The Bus and tell Congress to stop turning the clock back on women’s rights, sign their petition and spread the word to your family, friends and co-workers. Be sure to also check out their timeline which details the important dates and issues in the health care reform debate. They also have a great list of links to like minded organizations so you can check out what other great groups are up to, as well as tips on how to write-op-eds and blog posts to share your own voice and views.