A New Media Analysis of the Status of Women

There’s a major media analysis of the status of women underway and it’s called, The Shriver Report: A Woman's Nation Changes Everything. The report is spearheaded by Maria Shriver, with powerhouse partners including the non-profit The Center for American Progress, The Rockefeller Foundation, NBC News and Time Magazine. The basis of the project is a nearly 500 page report and national poll on where we, as women, are today.

Progressive Women’s Voices alum Courtney Martin wrote a conclusion of the report, and The Women's Media Center (WMC) is singled out in the Media chapter as a place to look for answers: "We would do well to trumpet the analysis of The Women's Media Center..." WMC co-founder Gloria Steinem writes exclusively on the WMC website about the potential for good news and bad news in the multi-million dollar effort:

"You have to pay attention to understand that the immediate cause of workforce parity is not women's advancement but men's job loss: three out of four paychecks eliminated by the recession have been in construction, manufacturing and other fields that are better paid and therefore still overwhelmingly male."

You can read Gloria Steinem’s full essay "It's Not a Man's World or a Woman's Nation” online. You can also watch the CNN Headline News's Joy Behar Show discussing the report with Joy and Judith Regan. Check that out here. Women’s Media Center also placed our SheSource expert Heidi Hartmann of the Institute for Women's Policy Research in MSNBC's coverage of the report, which you can watch here.