New Content from New America Media

There’s two great pieces of content recently thanks to New America Media, a nationwide association of over 700 ethnic media organizations representing the development of a more inclusive journalism (NAM), based in San Francisco, California. On Tuesday night, The News Hour with Jim Lehrer aired NAM editor Marcelo Ballve's report from Honduras on the political crisis there, including his exclusive interview with ousted President Zelaya at the Brazilian Embassy.

This report is the first step in a partnership between NAM and the News Hour to integrate NAM’s editors and ethnic media partners into the News Hour's reporting grid -- to widen the News Hour lens and expand visibility for the ethnic media sector. We hope that it’s the first of many News Hour collaborations. Please take a look at Marcelo's report by clicking here Zelaya Forecasts Dim Prospects for Honduras Negotiations.

Additionally, Richard Rodriguez, who has been an editor at New American Media since 1988 recently wrote “Final Edition: Twilight of the American Newspaper” for the November edition of Harper’s Magazine. His piece details the plight of American newspapers over the last decades and surveys the current media system with respect to how digital technologies are affecting the industry. Also if you’re interested in reading another essay Rodriguez’ wrote for Harper’s Magazine, “The God of the Desert,” which appeared in the January 2008 issue, click here.

These two reports out of New American Media are thriving examples of how the ethnic media continue to play a thriving role in our changing media landscape.