Founder of Grist, Overbrook Grantee, Honored

Chip Giller, Grist founder, has been honored with a prestigious Heinz Award.

Now in its tenth anniversary year, Giller describes Grist as "a beacon in the smog" of a burgeoning environmental news market that can sometimes overwhelm, confuse or alienate new audiences. Read his response to his award here.

In past years, the Heinz award has focused on outstanding individuals in a variety of fields, from arts and humanities to technology and the economy. But this year the awards were granted solely to those individuals working in an environmental field.

Teresa Heinz, chairwoman of the Heinz Family Foundation, explained the Foundation's decision in the following statement:

"At this unique time in history, when the environment is more important than ever to our lives, our economy, our national security and our future, it is only fitting that we focus exclusively on this critical topic," she said. "These awards honor those guardians of our future who value our natural resources, work to remove toxic chemicals from our air and water, and create policies and the new technology that will ensure a sustainable planet for generations to come."

Click here for a full list of this year's recipients.

Congratulations to Chip Giller and Grist!