Demand Due Process

Sadly, thousands of people are detained and denied due process every day here in the United States. Well, Breakthrough, an innovative, international human rights organization using the power of popular culture, media, and leadership development and community education to transform public attitudes and advance equality, justice, and dignity, is doing something about it. They’ve recently launched a very important and timely campaign to restore fairness and bring back due process to the immigration system.

They’ve just produced, in association with 26 other organizations, a great new video that shows members of Congress who think due process needs to be restored to our immigration system. You can click here to watch it. And after watching, you can e-mail Congress to encourage them to become an ally. You can also check out more ways to get involved.

If you’re linking to their video on Twitter, be sure to use the hash tag #restorefairness. It will help keep track of all of its mentions as well as spread the word about the important campaign.

And a special congratulations is in order to Breakthrough. Their immigration video, “Death by Detention”, which details the story of Sandra Kenlye, a 52- year old grandmother, who after living in the U.S. legally for 33 years, was subjected to degrading and inhumane conditions and died in an immigration detention center, won for best long form video at the 2009 DoGooderTV Nonprofit Video Awards. Currently, immigration detentions centers are detaining 300,000 legal and undocumented immigrants, many of whom have not committed a single crim.