Voter Action Releases New Report on Voting Rights

Last Thursday Voter Action issued a joint report, with Advancement Project and NAACP National Voter Fund, on voting rights concerns emerging from the 2008 election. The report relies on nearly 70,000 problem calls received by the CNN and MYVOTE1 voter hotlines and recommends that Congress adopt immediate measures to help protect voters in the 2010 election. They formally released the report last Thursday morning before a hearing of the House Administration Committee. The report, entitled “Uncovering Flaws in Election Administration,” focuses on voter hotline calls from six states: Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

They have created a new section of our website where you can download the report and listen to some 900 plus audio recordings of hotline calls we have highlighted from these six states:

You can also listen, via that section, to a 2 ½ minute audio montage which they have produced of selected calls. The Foundation, along with Voter Action, hopes this report will help to lift up the voices of voters as we continue to press for reforms to protect our democracy.