Personal Democracy Forum 2009

Both Steve and I are attending the 2009 Personal Democracy Forum. It's only 10:35 and the conference is off to a great start. Earlier this morning there was a discussion between Joe Rospars (of the Obama '08 campaign) and Mark McKinnon (of the McCain '08 campaign) on the impact of the 2008 election and what role the internet could/should be moving forward.

Mayor Bloomberg also give a keynote speech via Skype on how technology is improving government here in New York City. There are several more sessions this morning, I'm looking forward in particular to hearing from Jeff Jarvis, the author of "Reinventing Government: What Would Google Do?"

This afternoon features several breakout sessions and diverse panels. Some of those topics include building social economy, redesigning .gov for transparency and participation, community journalism, powering the youth vote and America 2.0. The day will finish up with a panel including Josh Silver, of Free Press, that will focus on the Obama Broadband Initiative and the Future of the Internet.

I'll be bloging over the next few days from sessions and panels that I find of interest. If you're interested in following the conversation but can't be here with us, search for #pdf09 on Twitter. It's already a trending topic!