PDF Day One: Afternoon Update

I'm sitting in The Allen Room (with a fabulous view) listening to a session called "Redesigning .Gov for Transparency and Participation." The topic is an enriching discussion about government website and data management.

This morning had a bunch of really interesting speakers. Notable, danah boyd challenged us to really think about the politics of class online. She had a great presentation about who is doing what online. Her presentation, which will be available online thanks to PDF, should start a conversation about race, class structure and politics moving forward. Additionally, Jeff Jarvis discussed a new model of government, involving citizen participation, and permission to fail. According to Jarvis, "We should do what we do best and link to the rest. I particularly enjoyed the fact that Jarvis spent the last 5 minutes of his presentation by asking audience members to contribute their ideas of what a "Google Government" would look like.