Rally for LGBT Rights and Marriage Equality

Russell Saray, my husband, and I attended Equality & Justice Day, an all-day rally in Albany, NY organized by the Empire State Pride Agenda. Over 2,000 advocates from across New York State petitioned their state assembly people and senators demanding support for legislation that would advance same-sex marriage rights through civil marriage, make schools safer for LGBT students and protect LGBT employees from discriminatory employment practices.

It was great fun and quite an eye opener. Until you've listened to a 17 year old transgender, Latino student from the Bronx describe his efforts to organize a gay/straight alliance in his high school, you don't begin to understand the bravery of these young people. And it was amazing to see how diverse LGBT people are in New York State. Every corner of the state was represented.

But, at least to me, most impressive was the number of young people who attended and boldly presented their stories and their demands to state legislators. It is clear that LGBT rights will be guaranteed by the next generation now coming into leadership positions in the movement.