Is your iPhone Green?

Are you as addicted to your iPhone as I am? Well, looks like Foundation's intern, Sarah Kelly certainly is. Check out her piece below to find out how green your cell phone is!
Did you know that your cell phone might be green?

Going green isn’t just trendy right now; it’s so easy you might not even realize your doing it–especially with something as technological as your phone. Some people may be surprised to know that companies like Apple have joined in on the fun. Check out their website to learn exactly how Apple’s iPhone is environmentally sustainable. Or, check out the iPhone’s long list of “apps” or applications that make it even easier to stay green. By downloading these types of programs you can get free tips on your phone using the “Go Green” app and learn a little something new every time you click—or touch in this case. With “MeterRead,” pay just $2.99 and you’ll be able to calculate and log your personal electrical consumption, and therefore, your upcoming bill. Addicted to shopping, but want to stay eco-friendly? Try Apple’s free app “3rdWhale,” a location finding shopping app to all eco-friendly shops nearest you. Like many apps for the iPhone, the possibilities are endless. So if you’ve got an iPhone, be sure to check out the App Store now to find easy ways to stay green. Check out Apple’s own “Go-Green” blog here to learn more.

And for those without iPhones, don’t fret because Apple isn’t the only one thinking green thoughts when it comes to the future of cell phones. In fact, LG is looking to launch a phone capable of recharging through solar power sometime in 2009. Even better, the phone’s manuals will be printed on recycled paper with ink made out of soy. Nokia’s Research Center launched an “Eco Sensor Concept Phone” that “comes with a sensor unit that can be worn on neck or wrist with the help of the strap made from solar cells to examine health, environment and local weather conditions.” Want to see the Top 12 Green Concept Phones of All Time? Check out this site to be amazed at both the quality and quantity of environmentally friendly phones out there. Whether you’re looking to purchase a phone made of bamboo, or just trying to become a more eco-friendly mobile user-there’s obviously a lot of interesting and creative ways to participate.

Written by Sarah Kelly