The Progressive Women’s Voices Program

The Progressive Women’s Voices program has become a cornerstone of The Women’s Media Center. In its first year of the program, they intensively media trained 33 women who have gone on to earn over 1000 media hits year to date. Its inaugural class was a stellar group, with experts in foreign policy, reproductive rights, environmental issues, racial justice, voting rights, the history of feminism, immigrant communities, outsider cultures, national security, and many more areas of expertise.

For its next class, Progressive Women’s Voices is seeking self-motivated women whose expertise is the Environment and are committed to serving as strong progressive voices in the media.

Criteria for selection to the program include:

- Demonstrated background and expertise in a particular issue area that is covered in the media
Ability (with additional training and support) to articulate progressive messages in your issue area
- Identification as a progressive feminist
- Ability to inspire and motivate others through communications
- Time and ability to commit to a rigorous training program and ongoing media visibility
- Commitment to participating in program for a year and to pitching and supporting your own media presence with our help and resources
- Evidence of interest in the media and willingness to engage in new media experiences

Its application process is designed to be transparent and rigorous. They are seeking participants who represent diverse backgrounds, areas of expertise, and levels of experience. So hurry up, spread the word, and make sure to apply by the March 10th deadline!

To see some of the great women picked for the first 2009 class, click here.