Power Shift 2009

This past weekend I attended Power Shift 2009, a climate change convention that brought over 12,000 young adults from all over the country. Put together by Energy Action Coalition, a group led by and for young people to create a clean and equitable energy future, Power Shift 2009 is a biennial conference that took place during the first 100 days of the new administration.

As soon as I arrived in downtown DC I knew exactly how to find the convention center--follow the swarm of young people.

The weekend engaged and educated everyone by offering an overwhelming number of panels, workshops, training sessions, affinity group sessions, and fairs on post-college opportunities. Keynote speakers included Van Jones of Green for All, Gillian Caldwell of 1Sky, Congressman Edward Markey, Congresswoman Donna Edwards, and Adam Gardner of Reverb and the band Guster, among many others. The band The Roots played on Saturday night, energizing the crowd before a long day of lobby training.

The weekend culminated in a rally at Capitol Hill on Monday, despite the snowy weather. Hundreds of groups met with their elected officials and staff throughout DC to make the youth climate movement known and to demand effective climate policy.

The best part of the weekend was seeing the convention center filled to the brim with excited, passionate people who were there to learn how to lead their nation toward more powerful action against climate change. I've never seen so many environmentalists--both young and old--in one place before. It was such a unique and exciting experience.

Congratulations to Energy Action Coalition for pulling off an incredible event!