Environmental Health News and The Daily Climate

We’ve blogged before about what great resources Environmental Health News and The Daily Climate are, but they’re worth mentioning again! Both website provide great content that compiles top stories about the climate crisis, solutions, the consequences and politics of the environment.

The mission of Environmental Health News is to advance the public’s understanding of environmental health issues by providing access to worldwide news about a variety of subjects related to the health of humans, wildlife and ecosystems. Environmental Health News is published daily by Environmental Health Sciences, a non-profit organization founded in 2002. Its daily e-letter, Above The Fold, is available for free. Its syndication services also are available for free and are used by over 300 other websites around the world.

The Daily Climate was formed in 2007 and strives to be the source of record on climate change news. Its core purpose is to provide a daily summary highlighting the best news on climate change from around the globe. Since November 2008, The Daily Climate has commissioned and published high-quality enterprise pieces on unheralded and oft-overlooked aspects of climate science. Those reports are published along with a daily compilation of news about climate change from mainstream media sources around the world. An index, with links to the stories, can be found in the TDC Newsroom. The Daily Climate is published every morning by Environmental Health Sciences, a global nonprofit media company with headquarters in Charlottesville, Va. It offers a free daily e-letter with summaries and links to the best 15 stories of the day. Be sure to check them out and spread the word!