The New York City Venture Philanthropy Fund

It’s 2009 and the New York City Venture Philanthropy Fund (VPF) is still going strong! VPF is a group that seeks to provide an effective method for identifying emerging under-funded, under-recognized projects or programs that embody an entrepreneurial spirit, and promise high impact and effectiveness for complex, persistent social problems. VPF is especially interested in supporting startups and fledgling organizations that have not yet received significant support from major funders.
In order to focus on issues in a meaningful way, each year VPF invests in one critical area, such as education, the arts, poverty, etc. For 2008-2009, VPF members voted to support unique, innovative ideas that seek to improve the environment in New York City. To learn about the 2008/9 investee, Concrete Safaris click here.
There are some exciting opportunities coming up in 2009. First, if you aren’t a member of VPF, you can now join online. There are also three committees within VPF, the grants committee, the project management committee and the public relations committee. If you’re interested in participating in any of these committees or just in learning more about what they do, send an e-mail to
The next event for VPF will be for supporting its partner Green Spaces, at the Green Business Competition Launch Party on February 9th from 7:00-1:00 PM.
To see more about the VPF Guidance board, the VPF Advisory Council, and its members, click here. There’s also a great interview with VPF Founder, Heather Rees, here.