The GiveList

Feeling a little blue this holiday season when looking at all the people on your gift list? There’s no denying that times are tight given the economy. But that doesn’t mean you should have to give up on the holiday spirit! Well enter The GiveList, the new brain-child of Allison Fine and Marnie Webb, which will give you lots of ideas and inspiration for ways to contribute this holiday season without have to spend money or buy anything (or at least a little bit less than usual).

Here are 71 ways to give without opening your wallet. You can even vote for your favorite ideas. There are some really great and creative ideas out there. It’s good to see that there are small things you can do that don’t cost money but can still have a big impact on people’s lives. The New York Times blogged about the GiveList yesterday here and it clearly resonated with many readers as they left their insightful comments.

So what’s your idea to give this holiday season without opening your wallet? Share your ideas on, via twitter, or even in your own blog post. Just make sure to tag it GiveList and you can share your idea with the world.