WITNESS Human Rights

In honor of tomorrow’s 60th Anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights, WITNESS put together a short video with different WITNESS staff talking about what images opened their eyes to human rights abuses around the world. The video talks about images from its archive that have made them acutely aware of a specific human rights issue. It’s a real conversation starter video that poses the question to the viewer as well "What image opened your eyes to human rights?" WITNESS will host the conversation on their Hub but they will seed it all over the Internet as well on places like their YouTube channel, Facebook, blog aggregators like Global Voices Online, and Change.org.
But what’s the best thing about WITNESS new video? It allows you to be part of the conversation of course! If you are a member and want to make your own video, you can upload it to their site by clicking here. Make sure to tag your video “UDHR60”. If you aren’t a member, you can join. If you can’t respond with a video, you can comment on any of the videos here. Based on the comments that people have already left, you can see that people are answering that in many different ways. Some are describing photographs or news footage, others are describing images that newspaper articles conjured up for them. Also, if you have an account on YouTube, you can upload your video as a response to their video. By uploading a video response, all of the UDHR 60 videos will be viewable in the same place and help attract more people to the conversation.

So what are you waiting for, answer the question, what image opened your eyes to human rights?