24 Hours To Go

There’s less than one day to go until the election and it seems to be the only thing on everyone’s minds. In that spirit, here’s a post all things election-related.

First, although it’s obvious, don’t forget to vote tomorrow. Can’t remember where your polling site is? New Yorkers can click here to remind themselves. Here’s also a link to the New York State Board of Elections. Interested in seeing the hours the polls will be open tomorrow in your state? Click here.

Also, before you head out to the polls, be careful about what you’re wearing. Certain states like Virginia, forbid voters to wear campaign clothing (for example wearing an Obama t-shirt), so make sure you check your state’s laws, or be prepared to remove anything that could be considered voting paraphernalia before you get to the polls.

It’s also important to let others know that you’re voting, and how your experience is going tomorrow. Experiencing long lines? Turned away at a polling site where you are registered? Forced to show ID at a poll? Did you use an electronic voting machine that malfunctioned, switched your vote or was just plain confusing? People need to know! If you’re interested in sharing your voting experiences via Twitter, click here for the Twitter Vote Report website, which officially launched last week and will allow you to report on how the vote is really going during this election. Also Watch The Vote is leading an efforts in key states like Colorado, Maryland, New Mexico and Pennsylvania. The national CNN Election Hotline, 1-877-GO-CNN-08 allows voters to record voice complains or find their poll locations. The data collected from all these will help protect your vote.

Any other last minute questions you may have? There are a lot of really great resources out there you can look at for tomorrow. For starters, check out the American Civil Liberties Union Voting Guide.

So on the last day before the election, make sure you exercise your civic duty tomorrow, and encourage everyone else in your lives to vote tomorrow. But remember that your civic duty will not end after you cast your ballot tomorrow, no matter if you end up voting for the next President or not. Voting is simply the first step in creating the kind of future you want to see.