From Soundbites to Solutions

Earlier this year in June, I attended an event co-sponsored by an Overbrook Foundation grantee, The Women’s Media Center. The event was called “From Soundbites to Solutions: Bias, Punditry, and the Press” and was co-sponsored by The White House Project and the Maynard Institute for Journalism Education.

The half-day event itself was great. This was due mostly to a group of fantastic and well-informed speakers. The event also engaged audience members using instant polling questions. Although admittedly, there was a lack of diversity amongst the audience members, overall the event was well organized and really started a dialogue about the role of the press in the political process. If you’re interested in listening to some of the presenters, you can do that at the Women’s Media Center Video Gallery. (I particularly recommend watching the comments of Courtney Martin and Pamela Newkirk).

As a follow-up to the event, the Women’s Media Center recently released this report. Even though the event itself was great, I was even more pleased to see the report come out recently. I think it’s a great example of a follow-up report for two reasons. Often at presentations and panels I come away feeling a bit overwhelmed at answering the question of what’s next. I struggle with trying to remember the key points of discussions or understanding what follow-up steps to take. I feel that this report really captures the answers to some of those questions. It does a great job of recapturing the heart of the event and offering suggestions for media consumers. Definitely check it out!